BlockShot Champion Development Blog #5: Summer in Atlanta

BlockShot Champion Development Blog #4: A New Look
March 18, 2017
BlockShot Champion Development Blog #6: The Demo
May 6, 2017

We are heading to MomoCon 2017!

T he next stop on our road tour is Atlanta, Georgia. We will attending Momocon 2017 on May 25th through May 28th and will be featured in the indie showcase section of the exhibition hall.

Momocon was an easy choice for us to make as it is one of the most rapidly growing gaming convention, posting 71,000 turnstile attendance in 2016 and is reportedly expecting more for 2017. The organizers are pushing for a big focus on indie games by providing the platform of an indie game showcase section for small dev teams.

With all of the paperwork finalized, we can’t wait for May to get here so we can get out there and meet even more great people and build strong relationships for the future.

Check out the Momocon website for more information on the event and hopefully we will get to see you guys there!

Momocon Official Website

- Josh Stapleton-Jones

Photo courtesy MomoCon.

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