BlockShot Champion Development Blog #6: The Demo

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March 25, 2017
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June 6, 2017

It’s been a long journey so far but today we make a big leap forward. Today is the day when you all can finally get your hands on BlockShot Champion and play!

W e are releasing a demo version of the game for everyone to download for free! We have been showing off what our game is for a few months now and it is about time that everyone finally gets a chance to see how awesome our game is first hand! We appreciate all of the feedback you guys have given us over time and now is not the time to stop, please let us know what you think and what you, the players, want included in the game!

First things first, you have jump. You press left trigger to jump, and you get three jumps. These three jumps are reset any time you hit any surface, so you could triple jump to get to a block, and as soon as you touch it you get three more jumps. This allows for easily navigating the playing field without often finding yourself unable to jump.

Next we have right trigger which shoots. In order to aim where you shoot, you use the right thumbstick. Then we have the shield, right bumper shields and again the right thumbstick decides which direction you want the shield to point.

This brings us to our final mechanic, which we call Hot Blocks; this occurs when you shoot parts of the map. After a short time shooting the map the specific block you are shooting will turn pink. This is no big deal except it is an indicator that if you continue to shoot that block it will turn red. A red block will damage anything and everything that touches it, so watch out for a heated block if you are in a tight squeeze!

If you like what we are creating here I would suggest that you like, comment, share, or subscribe to us! If you do any of these things to this post you will be entered to win a free copy of the game upon release as well as some goodies sent to you from us! So please share this with your friends so that when the game comes out, you will have some buddies to play it with!

"Today is the day when you all can finally get your hands on BlockShot Champion and play!”

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